Our sewing retreat and workshops 


Our aim is to build and support   sewing 

Most our workshops are planned around the pattern collection, this is because of the highest demand and request by the students on the workshop we have ran in the past .

we run followings workshop at The Stitch Festival. The Knitting and  Stitching Show,  and The Festival of Quilts  from the 2018  - 2021 

London, Harrogate, Dublin, NEC Birmingham,

following workshops can be arranged near or more convenience location to you.  we teach just get in touch for more info.    

Adjust My Pattern sewing it together

Made measure Pattern drafting workshop

Make PJ Bottom just in two hours

Urban Top/ Jacket  

Induction to Overlocker  

Make the Hoodie top (Weekend Workshops)

Make a Basic Bomber  Jacket (one day workshop)

Make Traditional Stand and Collar Shirt

if you are looking for something different to what we offer feel free to ask, and will find a way to work around your needs.