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In Soft tailoring, liken most crafts, success largely depend using the proper tools, so this week I am going to introduce some tools.

Indeed using right tools what's make the craft enjoyable as well as end result very rewording. using wrong equipment sometime desirable, so at the start get some of the equipment and supplies in to your Tailoring Studio

Shears/Scissors: 9"-10" for cutting fabric. it is necessary that it's handle to be bent to cut on the table and very important to it's points cut sharp and clean. I keep a small pare 4" light weight for cutting patterns and paper.

Dot and Cross paper: if you need to adjust any pattern dot and cross paper is the the only paper you have vertical and horizontal marks a inch apart ( this help extend length and with of the patterns and help you keep the pattern on the grain line.

Paper pins, Foot Ruler, yard stick, and Tape measure, Tailor's Square or Dressmaking curves. and Screw Puncture.

Threads: I keep back, white, blue, red, gray, orange a fare amount and some of them are number of sheds. and I buys extra sheds of colour depend on the project fabric choice.

Muslin and Calico: I use calico mainly for outer garment and Muslin for lining in my toile

Mannequin or a Form. is a great help when setting Collars and sleeves

Steam Iron, Sleeve board, Tailors Ham are key for pressing your garments.

Machines, Sewing machine with a table if possible (I rescued a Vintage machine) Overlocker, and domestics fordable for soft fabric and decorative stitches.

most of the above supplies can be fond at The Stitch Festival In London.

The Knitting Stitching Shows Harrogate, Dublin and in London, and some on Beyond Stitch (online shop for your craft products and supplies.

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