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This week I am writing about Basic Custom Looks and Designs

You can customise your garment and give it any outfit an air of individuality with these basic techniques.

Two good examples of this are the Hong Kong Finish, and Bias Binding. They are useful in giving a simple garment a more finished look, and to tidy away any raw edges.

I am using this bathrobe pattern as a starting point.

Binding: to give this simple garment a more personal touch, use bias binding around the collar and down to the hem. You can commercial double-fold binding, which is much easier, or you can make contrast binding of your own choice. Bing tips are cut out at 45 degree angles. Cotton and silk are the easiest materials to use.

Binder Foot: This is a great piece of equipment to have in your collection. Click here for a video clip showing you how to use a binder foot.

Hong Kong Finish: This method is only used inside the garment to tidy away/cover up the raw edges with a sink stitch. You do not need to use an over locker or an overcast stitch as in traditional tailoring.

This Week's Tips

1) Use a cotton fabric to practice making binding strips. Remember to add a 0.5 cm seam.

2) For commercial bindings and fabrics I recommend Higgs & Higgs .

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