Updated: Oct 20, 2021

One of the very important tools for a tailor or a dress designer is a good pare of Scissors so I have found perfect scissors and thought I'd give a quick shout out about it.

I use Long handle pare of scissors 10" and a short handle points 5" scissors as well as pinking shears time to time with most fabric. When I need to cut fabric are thick in weight or spongy, like wool and a lot of layers for example a very sharp long handle pare of scissors are perfect. A short handle like 5" once are the best for using for more lightweight dressmaking fabric like silk, crape and cotton.

checkout the company that sometime come to UK large textile and hobby craft evets that provides wider rang of scissors to Tailors and Dressmakers

there website is currently been updated but soon will be out for with a great collection of products for tailoring and dressmaking. we will update if we have some products and promotion code soon.

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