Modern Crafters and Artisan Designers Use Machine

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

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Modern tailors use the machine. So, this week I am going to introduces you a machine that I used for achieving high end finish in my projects.

It is not unusual for the craftsmen to adopt machines wen soft tailoring. Many Bespoke tailoring houses around the world, uses many machines for finishing suiting to other designs.

I am going to talked to you about Brother Anniversary Innov-10, this small domestic machine provides most stiches you need form a basic to advance tailoring and dress making.

Not only this machine is simple to operate, and it also comes with needle threader thread.

Buttonhole foot come with small tray at the back, which gives you an accurate size buttonholes according to the size of your button. It is design auto complete the buttonhole.

Another great feature comes with this machine is to keep the needle down or up when you stop sewing. When you construct collars, this is an amazing tech to have. You also have a revers for back tack and start and stop switch with out stop peddling.

This machine is having a first class, speed controller. This is important when you sew finer pieces, in soft tailoring.

There are fewer feet already provided for zip, embroidery, and overcast with clear instruction how to use these accessories as well as the machine.

I have really enjoy working with this machine, because I can use verity of fabric and most above features. I also use vintage singer for straight stitches and Janome overlocker.

I hope you learn few things with this week post and I hope you will be able to go into a store or an event, where you can have use of this machine before consider buy any machine.

This post is not sponsored bay any of the above brand names, this is purely self-funded by me for the Artisan Designers and Tailors to execute their projects successfully.

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