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I write this post once week to give you hints of style and tips and tools, fabric suppliers to keep you updated while you are stuck at home.

This week’s post is about the importance of investing in home makers and hobby crafters.

It is important to invest in home makers because, we can iron out issues that are difficult into enjoyable activities.

Growing number of men and women becoming interested in the creative side of soft tailoring, and the greater choice it gives them of making suitable garments.

Many people get ideas from Fashion houses, and adopt them at home, there by saving money. and making improvements by fabric and colour choices.

Nowadays there is a much greater concern for the environment, and home tailoring helps you to make more environmentally friendly choices.

For myself, I prefer to decide on the style first. Then think about the suitable fabric. Source the materials I want. In my case, I am interested in locally produce fabric, which use traditional method and natural dyes, but this is a matter of a personal choice. All this can be very enjoyable part of the process of making something for yourself, or someone close to you.

Now you need patterns

Pattern making can be expensive and elaborate, or it can be simple and inexpensive if you take a ready made pattern form someone local to you, who also provides you with extra resource like workshops, blogpost, demo on YouTube.

My preference is not too sophisticated style, but with a hint of traditional tailoring and vintage workwear as well as dressmaking skills, because these combination create long lasting designs.

Two practical tips

1. Always check your tools. Keep them organised so you can find them easily.

2. Indie pattern makers will always help scarce items.

3. Fabric & supplier for all your sewing and pattern choices: Dots N Stripes

4. Tool for this week: Screw puncture. Great tool for drilling holes on your pattern for marking your pocket positions

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