This week I am back to writing another fabric choice of mine as well as many other makers.

Denim has been around for very long time. everyone must have a pare of jeans and a denim jacket, at least.

most of my collection made with versatile designs, simply because I want to try making them with denim. So far I have made Basic Bomber Jacket and Urban Trousers. now i am looking forward to making Urban Top as a jacket and the Traditional Shirt just the stand without a collar.

Denim Dudes is great book to have as an idea book add extra feature for your designs.

it's has great images and they are very clear. with many makers and lovers of denim with a verity of designs.

once you ae inspired, you need somewhere to perches denim and some of the accessories for your clothing, please got

The Denim Company they have printed, strip, plain in various thickness as well.

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