Create your own style by using our modern functional clothing patterns.

If we were beginners, we select the simplest type of pattern with some style feature which makes it wearable and interesting. We as a indie pattern making company, makes a special feature of such patterns. These, by the way, are the patterns to choose, if we were in a great hurry to make a garment between sunrise and sunset. after all, if such garments are neatly made, well fitted, and worn with an air, they maybe artistically lovely ad soul-satisfying, because they obey one of the underlying principles of simple-beauty. However with plainness. some one has said "Do not have your design so simple, that is simple minded. see below for one of our design and made with Tweed, further below we included some of the Japanese textile creation as a contrast.

This image on the left gives you hint of fabric choices, colour choices, recycling, upcycling of old bits of fabric, and patchwork. ideas, if yo are looking for inspiration and more sustainable way of designing.

We are forcefully making our garment with a basic fabric, often made in the UK, (or with fabric given to us as gifts) just to demonstrate the end silhouette. but we live in a hope that, you one day will send us images of your designs and makes, that you create around the plain silhouette we made, with your designs inspiration, and how you executed them well. so we can create gallery page of your make dedicated to you on our website.

This year will be very challenging for some, but you can help them by introducing a basic tailoring techniques or creating something with them. Picture on the right shows some of the most easiest hand embroidery and patchwork as start up you can just use this for a pocket.

We also have fewer workshop planned and currently working on PDF patterns and logistics, so we can deliver these to you remotely. register your friend, family for the news letter for the discount offers.

My best wishes to you all the designers and makers. Bespoke Pattern Maker Janaka Manage.

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