Commercial Patterns

When did man decide that he must have pattern to fit his cloth? Perhaps, as individuals in the costume and fashion business our leading designers have relived the life history of the race. As girls with dolls they once "cut the coat after the cloth," then desiring to cut the coat after someone else's coat they turned to patterns. After some years of dependence on the patterns provided by other designers they rebelled at the limitations of such methods and returned to more creative ventures, fitting the cloth to the person, and the "coat after the after the cloth"

Above paragraph is from a the practical dress designs , a book published in 1940 in the USA. Reading this was one of the first set of the task I had to do when learning pattern making back in Sri Lanka. actual method of making patterns in my learning process came from a women's news paper column, which I am hoping to publish in future articles. this my first ever post on this site and thank you for joining me and supporting my indie pattern collection for menswear. I wish you all better and successful 2021, keep safe.

Janaka Managai

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