Choosing Wool

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

This week I want to introduce wool fabric, because its a wonderful fiber and perfect material for custom made Waistcoat, Jacket to Suites. including a Hoodie or a Bomber Jacket.

It's water resistant. it's fiber hard outer layer throws off water and their core absorb moisture vapor without becoming damp. Repelling water and absorbing humidity both help to regulate heat.

you can reinforce and customized to fit with canvas, so it's still breathes. like my example below.

It's great fabric for outerwear, but if you are not in to structured and reinforced garment, then there are others garments you can design and make like the Hoodie below, because it had the versatile ability to keep the wearer warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

There are many types of wool from Sheep, Marino, Alpaca, Mohair, Angora, Cashmere, and most wool blend well with other fibers and create range of fabric. but my preferred choices are Tweed, Gabardine, Flannel, and fleece made of sheep wool. There deferent type as well as different weight theses are made for different purpose, if you have little or no experience in finding the right type of wool that are well made and light weight with nice range of colors and easy to handle with domestic sewing machine, I'd go to Rachel John Extrema Textiles

Her Website link will take you to the fabric section. Iconic 100% wool Tweed fabrics, exquisite quality. Excellent for tailoring, dress making, quilting, toy making, home furnishing – any type of sewing. You will find Superfine, Fine Light, Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy listed to give you an idea of the weight of the fabric to fit to your purpose.

She can be at event's where you can meet and discuss your project or simply take the patterns with you to find the right product.

I hope you enjoy this post for August and try and make some thing with wool to get some practice and there is a video in the tips and tool for sewing with wool to help you as well. I will come back to you with something exiting soon for the next month post, till then stay safe. Happy sewing

Janaka Managai

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