Bomber Jacket

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

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This week’s post contains suggestions for styles and fabric, and information regarding equipment and

Our pattern this week is a bomber jacket, my fabric suggestion is denim. The bomber jacket is a must have in many people wardrobe, because it has a great silhouette, its comfortable to where and can be adapted to individual requirements such as how many pockets, and where to place them, etc.

In the same way, I have chosen denim because all thought it was originally a hardwearing fabric design for work, it has in the last century become much more of a fashion fabric.

Hope you enjoy making our own style of bomber jacket, but my advice is to start with a fairly basic style in order to master the proses.

This week Suggestions

1. Cut the fabric off the grainline when suing denim. If you want to use denim in this design, The Denim Company have a wide choice.

2. Equipment: Binding foot. this is great tool to have when using denim, because it helps to wrap up raw edges to high end finish.

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