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We make menswear sewing patterns and run Soft Tailoring  related workshops  aim to help domestic Sewing and Hobby crafters. Due to Covid-19 we are unable to reach out you as usual, but we have created fewer patterns with simple instructions help you practice basic to complex sewing and soft tailoring from home to keep you safe. We are based in London and run workshops  around UK sign up for the news letter below for more info.

Our patterns are multi-sized and printed in chest sizes 36,38,40,42,44. On the back of envelope there are useful information to help with fabric choice and quantity, as well as a sizing guide. Each design has a comprehensive step-by-step guide for construction so that you can make up the design with confidence. We are also producing a number of videos and images on specific techniques which will help you to achieve the best results, with tips on customising the patterns to suit you. 

We also make Dot and Cross patterns and  Calico sample garments for individuals and their design projects please get in touch if, you are planning a collection and would like some help in making patterns. Contact details are below. 

Following projects are self funded Self funded by Janaka Managai and therefore we have limited the number of project but we will add more in the future. your support we can bring them to you sooner. please take a project from below to support our next project.


We will have workshops and demonstrations across UK and in Northern Ireland, so please subscribe to our blog page  to keep informed of the new projects,  workshop dates and hints of style as well as  links to our favorite fabric sellers, haberdashers’ discounts and promotional offers.